Wolf Hills Brewing

Wolf Hills Brewing, where we all had a good time. I enjoyed the Creeper Trail Amber!

Brews and bikes

Not sure why brews and bikes go together so well, but it’s a thing.  That was true for the Creeper Trail Amber I tried in honor of the day’s ride.  (Click here to read about our ride on the Famous Creeper trail.)

I’m working with Visit Virginias Blue Ridge as a board member in my hometown of Roanoke Virginia. And we have learned that the first question people ask after the initial “What can I do there?” is, “What kind of craft brewery scene do you have?”  By the way — it’s a good one and growing!

It seems understandable, since my group always gravitates to a local brewery when we ride our bikes in a new place.

Nothing seemed more logical after a ride on the Virginia Creeper Trail than a stop at Wolf Hills Brewing in Abingdon, Va.

We can thank Daniel Boone for the name Wolf Hills. He was one of the first to spend much time in the region on his adventures to the west. Legend has it that his group was attacked by wolves and an early name for Abingdon was Wolf Hills.

The brewery was active on one of the first nice Saturdays of Spring 2108, with lots of people playing corn hole and a band setting up to entertain those who came a bit later.

Wolf Hills has a cool logo too!

Wolf Hills has a cool logo too!

Creeper Trail Amber

I ordered the Creeper Trail Amber Ale and found it to my liking. At only 30 IBU’s it was what I was looking for after climbing and descending the 34 mile route from Damascus to White top and back.

Here is the description of the Creeper Trail Amber from the website:

CREEPER TRAIL AMBER ALE: Our most malt-forward of our four flagships, Creeper Trail is made from sweet crystal malts, a little bit of chocolate malt, and a touch of traditional hops. A small amount of cascade provides a citrus boost, but the end-of-boil hops are primarily Willamette.  5.7% ABV, 12.5 SRM, 30 IBU

Mary, (my wife) who likes Vienna Lager ordered the Wolf’s “Vienna Lager” style beer. It’s a bit bitterer than the real thing, but she liked it well enough.

I also tasted the Wolf’s Den Double IPA. Doubles sometimes scare me – but this may have been the smoothest tasting double I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy. I would have ordered a pint but it was time to get ready for dinner and a show at the Barter Theater.

Guess I’ll just have to go back.


Other Beers I Have Ridden: Deschutes Pacific Wonderland in the perfect setting.  Lancaster Lager before the Covered Bridge Ride near Lancaster, Pa. . Deschutes Fresh Squeezed after Moountain Biking in Bend, Oregon.